Moonwhale Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Platform for existing Businesses (SME, MNC, Listed Companies) to finance expansion by Tokenization, to improve Security and Value Chain through Blockchain technology application, and to enable FinTech Startups (ICO, STO). Moonwhale then, delivers and showcases these vetted Investment Opportunities on the Moonwhale Investment Platform, where VC, LP, Funds or high net worth individuals can securely invest, individually or managed through our fund.

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Tokenization Provides SMEs a New Method of Financing

The newly established companies and SMEs are often too small to raise their capital in the public market and also not efficient enough to complete a “debt” offering or secure a “bank” loan with their limited operating history.  Why worry about the financing issues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? In Europe, there are more than 21 million companies in the SME sector, employing nearly 90mil people. In the United States, 30 million SMEs account for nearly two-thirds of net new private sector jobs. Hence, the SME sector is significant for both economic growth and employment. Firms with fewer than 250 employees are important players in all sectors within an economy. SMEs have been severely underfunded, and financing with internal cash ...


Moonwhale Announces Achim Jedelsky as Partner in the Company

Delaware, USA — June 5, 2019 — Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce that Achim Jedelsky has become a partner in the company. This Partner agreement shall strengthen Moonwhale’s resolve in pushing for innovation in both the Real Estate industry and STO market. Achim Jedelsky – Partner As a Partner, Achim shall actively work client acquisitions and serve as the project leader to acquired projects. Achim brings vast amounts of expertise and experience with his strong business and real estate background. Aside from graduating with an MBA, Achim worked for Daimler Real Estate. He was responsible for digital real estate processes and the digital strategy of the Daimler AG subsidiary. He founded the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE), a ...


Moonwhale Announces Partnership With Security Token Alliance (STA)

Delaware, USA — May 21, 2019 — Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. announced a new partnership with  Security Token Alliance (STA), an alliance that brings together organizations advancing the security token industry. Moonwhale joined alongside several firms that are dedicated to the furtherment of the security token ecosystem such as DigiShares, SelfKey, KYC-Chain and many more. Building The Ecosystem The Security Token Alliance (STA) was founded in 2019 by Frederik Bussler with a vision to foster a landscape where security tokens and associated infrastructure are in a mature, regulated, compliant, and credible stage. Security tokens are possibly the next evolutionary step to traditional financial instruments. At such a nascent stage, the lack of clarity and infrastructure can be a major setback in its adoption. ...


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