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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Poll Shows People Prefer Crypto Payments

On April 10th, IMF launched a tweet poll asking “How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years?”. The choices include cash, cryptocurrency, a mobile phone, and bank card. The choice of Cryptocurrency received 56% of the 37,000 votes and the next choice was via mobile phone with 27%. Therefore, could IMF’s poll serve as a clue to what lies in the future: Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies? The potential of Crypto Payments being the main method of payments is very real. We would like to hear from you. ⬇ How do you think you will be paying for lunch in 5 years? #IMFmeetings #DigitalPayments — IMF (@IMFNews) April 10, 2019 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is ...


Wall Street 2.0

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain are revolutionizing the traditional investment banking world. Investment banking is seeing its historical profit centers eroded by technology and regulations. Core processes are being automated or commoditized. As innovation progress, it is only a matter of time when the old wall street gets a new look, a Wall Street 2.0 if you will.  Progressive Investment Banking The biggest players in asset management, firms like Vanguard with total assets under management (AUM) comes close to the total AUM at the top banks. Across equity research, sales & trading, technology is replacing humans to fight poor performances and new regulations. Banks have figured out they can do more with less. Powerful tech-companies ...


Justin Sun Calling Next Level Adoption with TRX Stablecoin, USDT-Tron

The professional feud between the Tron Foundation’s founder, Justin Sun, and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin is well-known. The full ‘battle’ can be read here on Chepicap or ToshiTimes. Depending on your philosophy, it seems like Justin appears to be winning on the surface. With USDT-Tron’s official launch be tomorrow, can a stablecoin put Tron (TRX) far ahead of its competition? Justin has said that Tron’s primary goal was to surpass Ethereum in dapps and smart contracts. So far, Sun has put several things in place including acquiring BitTorrent, launch several projects and partnering with several major players in the industry. In a tweet, Justin announces that Tron possesses 267,000 Dapp users at that time with 16236 active Dapp users. Second of the list is EOS ...


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