Moonwhale Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Platform for existing Businesses (SME, MNC, Listed Companies) to finance expansion by Tokenization, to improve Security and Value Chain through Blockchain technology application, and to enable FinTech Startups (ICO, STO). Moonwhale then, delivers and showcases these vetted Investment Opportunities on the Moonwhale Investment Platform, where VC, LP, Funds or high net worth individuals can securely invest, individually or managed through our fund.

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Introducing Proofi by LTO Network – Fighting Digital Fraud

Fraud has always been a major concern among companies. Legitimate companies can only afford to invest a small proportion of their resources in anti-fraud/cybercrime defense. Contrast this with the 100% dedication placed by criminals in their pursuit. Both the business and our personal world today are constantly becoming more digital.  “90% of cyber attacks ($4 Trillion per year in damages) start with an email, handled by a person. ~ 2019 Data Breach Investigation by Verizon“ LTO Network suggests a globally applicable tool to fight fraud; a new standard for trust that can be used in every system. The only way to protect society against fraud is to work together by collaborating, creating a network effect that makes every individual or ...


What is Driving the Mobile Application Market?

Everywhere you look you can often find someone who is looking down at their phone. It seems like these handheld technological powerhouses have taken over our lives. Whether it be the convenience of ordering a pizza without having to leave your home, having access to practically every song ever written, or the dopamine rush from getting over one hundred “likes” on your most recent Instagram post, there are so many conveniences, features, and most importantly, applications that make a mobile phone so enticing. Gartner estimates that the market for mobile applications is expected to hit $311.25 billion by 2023 and is to achieve this through a staggering compound annual growth rate of 19.2%[1]. This hyper-growth means that there are plenty ...


Installment to Engagement: Popular Mobile Application Trends Among Users

Mobile application developers are always on the lookout for ways to drive user growth and the adoption of their products and solutions. Of the number of potential strategies, the most effective ones recently have centered around the seamless integration of the app into the user’s routine and daily life. Just a few examples: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Uber, and Instagram- Communication, messaging, information, news, social interaction, transportation, and photographs. As can clearly be seen, each application does not have any revolutionary value proposition, but they all excel in necessitating use by fitting themselves in each person’s daily life in some capacity. This reflects the current trend: A move from simple installation to interaction. Shifting the focus from installment to ...


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