Moonwhale Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Platform for existing Businesses (SME, MNC, Listed Companies) to finance expansion by Tokenization, to improve Security and Value Chain through Blockchain technology application, and to enable FinTech Startups (ICO, STO). Moonwhale then, delivers and showcases these vetted Investment Opportunities on the Moonwhale Investment Platform, where VC, LP, Funds or high net worth individuals can securely invest, individually or managed through our fund.

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How LTO Network helps Businesses Utilize Blockchain Technology

The brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the face of Blockchain Technology. It was devised as a digital currency as an answer to current financial instruments such as the fiat i.e USD, Euros, and many others. Bitcoin aside, the tech-world has found the underlying technology to be a possible solution to various problems in businesses and legacy systems.  According to Blockgeeks, a blockchain is a time-stamped series of an immutable record of data, managed by computers not owned by a single entity. In short, Blockchain addresses the issue of trust between different parties with its system by being immutable, democratized, and transparent. Our partners, LTO Network has developed a highly efficient blockchain infrastructure that is production-ready and compliant according to legislation. ...


Moonwhale Ventures Confirms US-based Wireless Networking Technology Distributor, WAV Inc. as Corporate Client

Delaware, USA — August 7th, 2019 — Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce WAV Inc. as a new corporate client. WAV Inc. is a value-added distributor of world-class wireless networking technology and provider of best-in-class support and services. WAV distributes the technology that connects your customers to the internet, from LTE and wireless broadband to networking and Wi-Fi.  Growing Demand in Networking Technology According to MarketWatch, the Industrial Wireline Networking / Enterprise Network Equipment market will register a CAGR of almost 13% by 2023. One of the reasons that will drive industrial networking market growth is the increasing adoption of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Implementing IIoT will enable industries to collect and analyze collect, analyze, and exchange data ...


How LTO Network Tackles Existing Problems With Blockchain

Today, businesses rely heavily on data. Not to mention, advances in information technologies present a challenge to businesses to constantly be on top of the growth curve. Legacy systems are quickly becoming more inefficient when compared side by side with newer innovations. Furthermore, the exponential speed of change we have today creates more intelligent security threats which can cause a significant amount of money to rectify. Therefore, if your business is getting smarter, why shouldn’t your business processes smarten up as well? Enter LTO Network.  LTO Network to Tackle Existing Problems One of these technologies that have taken the world by storm is the Blockchain. There seems to be plenty of blockchain protocols out there which possesses their own strengths and ...


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