Moonwhale Ventures is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Platform for existing Businesses (SME, MNC, Listed Companies) to finance expansion by Tokenization, to improve Security and Value Chain through Blockchain technology application, and to enable FinTech Startups (ICO, STO). Moonwhale then, delivers and showcases these vetted Investment Opportunities on the Moonwhale Investment Platform, where VC, LP, Funds or high net worth individuals can securely invest, individually or managed through our fund.

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Your Pocket-Sized Personal Guide: beQ

Have you ever walked into the airport, mall, or a hotel and have just been taken aback by how hectic and chaotic it can be to navigate the hustle and bustle? beQ addresses this problem elegantly. No more do you have to worry about missing the best promotion at the mall, your flight at the airport, or even struggling to find the spa at the hotel. Using a combination of robust indoor mapping technology, an advanced AI matching engine, IoT functionality, materials management, and multi-app integration beQ is the solution to any problem you face or may face in the future. To seek the best deals simply open the application and nearby stores will be displayed along with the promotions ...


Distributed Trust and Assets

First things first, Web 2.0 is the internet as we currently know it as interactive experiences and user-generated content. It is driven greatly by three core layers of innovation: mobile, social and cloud. Examples are: Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and Instagram. “Web2 applications bundled data storage and application logic. The paradigmatic shift in Web3 is the unbundling of data and application logic. By unbundling what was previously bundled, data owners won’t need to trust application providers with their data.” Web3 is about self-sovereign ownership and control of data, enabled by networks that are now decentralized, without a central server that owns and controls user data. Users own their own encrypted data on architecturally open networks like the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) and interact with one another using ...


[25.12.2019] Moonwhale Ventures Current Deal Flow

Moonwhale provides due diligence and deal flow for 100% vetted and exciting investment opportunities:   – (Malaysia) $150,000 dollars Mid-Stream company that sells equity currently to go-big (business model: financing distressed or new mining sites/ companies). – (Sweden) $5 million dollars A company raising equity to fund their new manufacturing of the world’s smallest insulin pen. – (Taiwan) $20-100 million dollars An Accelerator from Taiwan is raising its 2nd fund to incubate cross-Asia startups! They have a partnership with Indonesia Stock Exchange to run their incubation. – (US) $20 million dollars (with $100 million valuation) An ATM manufacturer building remittance Blockchain solution. – (US) $20-100 million dollars A service distributor of LTE, broadband, and Wi-Fi equipment with 100mil+ revenues, raising ...


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