The Rise of Mobile Advertisements

According to Statista, in 2019 worldwide mobile advertising spend surpassed $190 billion USD and is expected to surpass $280 billion USD by 2022[1]. More and more companies are becoming privy to the unique advantages that come with sending promotions through a user’s smartphone.

Those that are able to execute on this trend successfully reap massive increases in on-site revenue spend and engagement metrics, and those that do not, well, are not so lucky. Yes, there are winners and losers with any technological change, but what can be done? Not all businesses are set up technically and strategically to capitalize on the benefits of mobile advertising, so is the solution then to leave them behind? beQ says no.

beQ is a mobile app and platform that not only provides users with a multitude of benefits like indoor navigation and person-to-person matching based on an innovative AI engine, but it also holds limitless possibilities for businesses. Venues that sign-up for beQ can add advertisements in the app, affording them the ability to target the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Customized, timely advertisements have been shown time and time again to increase on-site revenues and the period spent on-premises. Get more bang for your marketing spend buck, sign up with beQ.


Disclaimer: On September 20th, 2019 , Berlin-based company beQ joins as Moonwhale Venture’s newest corporate client. BeQ has come up with the solution for creating a “new culture of encounters”. Using their high-precision positioning technology you are matched with people in your surroundings. You never know which encounter can change your life. It is the solution that everyone needs- beautifully simple and made for the world.

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