Moonwhale Announces Partnership With Security Token Alliance (STA)

Delaware, USA — May 21, 2019 — Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. announced a new partnership with  Security Token Alliance (STA), an alliance that brings together organizations advancing the security token industry. Moonwhale joined alongside several firms that are dedicated to the furtherment of the security token ecosystem such as DigiShares, SelfKeyKYC-Chain and many more.

Building The Ecosystem

The Security Token Alliance (STA) was founded in 2019 by Frederik Bussler with a vision to foster a landscape where security tokens and associated infrastructure are in a mature, regulated, compliant, and credible stage. Security tokens are possibly the next evolutionary step to traditional financial instruments. At such a nascent stage, the lack of clarity and infrastructure can be a major setback in its adoption. With the creation of the Security Token Alliance (STA), Frederik drops the confines of competition and encourages mutual collaborativeness.

There is massive potential for evolution in established financial corporations, and these giants can contribute immensely toward accelerating the vision of STA.

Security Tokens Are The Future

STA will collaborate with security token projects in creating a united front to promote a holistic security token infrastructure to large corporations, governments, and other organizations. Despite the prominent role played by the U.S CFTC and SEC in bringing clarity to security tokens, the availability of practical knowledge is inadequate in the current Cryptocurrency space. With many firms currently out there possessing different viewpoints on the market, it can result in regulatory confusion to potential interested projects wanting to explore STO solution. Therefore, a standardized approach to STOs might spark further developments in legislation and regulatory authorities which in turn, could benefit the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem.

STA also will encourage philanthropic and investment organizations to provide funds to appropriate security token projects and will provide such organizations with assistance in sourcing and evaluating targets for donation and investment.
"Cryptocurrency is emerging as a new asset class and Security Tokens have a huge part to play in becoming disruptors of traditional finance. The security token market is also projected to become a $10 trillion industry, therefore, to tackle such a massive market, we believe in co-creation as with STA," said Iliya Zaki, Head of Marketing for Moonwhale Ventures.

About Security Token Alliance (STA)

Founded in 2019 by Frederik Bussler, the Security Token Alliance (STA) was created to foster a financial world where security tokens become widely adopted. There is massive potential for evolution in established financial corporations, and these giants can contribute immensely toward accelerating the vision of STA. STA welcomes the participation of those corporations that are sincere about their aim and goal of democratizing finance. Learn more:

Press Release: STA Welcomes New Partners: Magic FinServ, DigiShares, and Moonwhale Ventures

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About The Author:

Iliya Zaki is the Head of Marketing & Business Development for Moonwhale Ventures. Based in Singapore, Iliya manages the marketing and public relations aspects for Moonwhale as well as clients under advisement. He is also a regular writer for Hackernoon and several other publications such as, Daily Hodl,, and many more.