Moonwhale Ventures Appoints Simon Cocking to Board of Advisors

Singapore, March. 12, 2019 -- Moonwhale Ventures announced that Simon Cocking is to be a new addition to an already esteemed Board of Advisors. This appointment further enhances Moonwhale's credibility and validates their expertise in matters pertaining to Security Token Offerings (STO) Advisory, Tokenization and the Blockchain industry as a whole.

Simon Cocking Appointed Advisor in Investment & Media Relations

Moonwhale Ventures has entered an agreement with Simon Cocking to sit on the Board of Advisors, effective immediately. Simon brings over a wealth of experience and knowledge to Moonwhale having held positions as Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT - with over 1.5 million+ unique monthly views and growing. He was the top-ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ for 2018 based on total funds raised & also the #1 ranked advisor on ICOBench for 2018.

Based in Ireland for over 22 years, Simon is a business mentor and advisor working with hundreds of successful ICOs to date and has been named on many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months. He is also an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, and overseas in Pyeongchang, Amsterdam, Dubai, Delhi, Kiev, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months.

"Simon is one of the most respected voices in not only the ICO space but in the Fintech, Blockchain and Tech industry. Having him on our Board of Advisors is a great move forward for us, being able to lean on his considerable knowledge and extensive network for our clients under STO Advisory," said Stefan Bergström, Chairman of Moonwhale Ventures. "Our clients deserve the best consulting in STO matters and having Simon's experience with over 200 successful ICOs, we are able to provide the very best."

When asked about Moonwhale, Simon said,

"We are going through the shift from ICO mania into STO and the STO market is definitely one to watch in the coming years as it attempts to disrupt the traditional securities market. Moonwhale's founders have solid previous experience which ensures they can deliver a high level of professionalism to ensure that STO projects who work with them will have a much greater chance of being successful. Moonwhale is an exciting company to work with, and will also help to provide an additional level of expertise through which to ensure your investments are made as wisely and diligently as possible."

As Editor-in-Chief, Simon brings with him Irish Tech News to be a media partner for Moonwhale Ventures. The Irish news site presents an opportunity for projects to be featured on a highly rated publication.

About Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale is an STO Financial Advisory, offering companies strategic advice on STO process & structure, as well as token issuance incl. lifecycle management and secondary market on-boarding for their projects. Moonwhale is also building an End-to-End Security Token Offering (STO) Investment Platform will cater to investors looking to invest in STO projects, and to companies looking to raise capital through STO to finance business expansion or new ventures. Investors will be presented with vetted projects incl. due-diligence reports and will be able to manage their investments through our platform. 

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Moonwhale Ventures position ourselves to provide STO solutions, helping businesses with our STO Financing service. Based in Delaware, USA, Moonwhale will assist you in One-Stop-Shop solution for your security token offering:
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About The Author:

Iliya Zaki is the Head of Marketing & Business Development for Moonwhale Ventures. Based in Singapore, Iliya manages the marketing and public relations aspects for Moonwhale as well as clients under advisement. He is also a regular writer for Hackernoon and several other publications such as, Daily Hodl,, and many more.