Introducing Proofi by LTO Network – Fighting Digital Fraud

Fraud has always been a major concern among companies. Legitimate companies can only afford to invest a small proportion of their resources in anti-fraud/cybercrime defense. Contrast this with the 100% dedication placed by criminals in their pursuit.

Both the business and our personal world today are constantly becoming more digital. 

"90% of cyber attacks ($4 Trillion per year in damages) start with an email, handled by a person. ~ 2019 Data Breach Investigation by Verizon"

LTO Network suggests a globally applicable tool to fight fraud; a new standard for trust that can be used in every system. The only way to protect society against fraud is to work together by collaborating, creating a network effect that makes every individual or company stronger against such malicious acts. 

LTO Network presents the beta release of Proofi

LTO Network presents the beta release of Proofi

Internet’s Circle of Trust

Internet’s Circle of Trust

By joining Proofi as an organization, you join a network of verified accounts for online communications with internal and external stakeholders. You can also build up your own Circle of Trust or connect with organizations as an individual. 

“Proofi amplifies and grows the Internet’s Circle of Trust through the network effect.”

Proofi amplifies and grows the Internet’s Circle of Trust through the network effect.

How does it work?

A signature is required for everything you send or create something, going through the ‘Proofi Loop’. The loop then verifies if the individual or organization is authorized for the actions.

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Disclaimer: On July 12th, 2019 , Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce a new collaboration with LTO Network to support existing and future clients in executing and implementing LTO Network's Live Contract solution. In addition to technology implementation, Moonwhale shall assist LTO Network in business development and brand awareness in Asia and in the USA. For more details on LTO Network, please visit their website or read our article:

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