How to Start Your Career as a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain was born out of the necessity to supervise peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin was the first known cryptocurrency that revolutionizes how people exchange money. And even though blockchain was initially created for Bitcoin, nowadays it has many applications in all industries. In essence, blockchain is immutable data that is shared between a group of computers. The characteristic of this technology allows for a new decentralized way to do transactions which makes the process transparent for all parties.

Since the rise of this technology, blockchain professionals have highly sought after. According to Linkedin, Blockchain was the most looked for skill in 2019. So, if you are interested in starting your career as a blockchain developer these are the steps you should follow.

Understand the basics

The first step to enter an industry is to understand the basic concepts. You can’t start running before learning to walk. Because blockchain is regarded as a complicated technology and it can be utilized for a wide range of services, below are some of the concepts you should be familiarized with to start your journey:

The first is to learn everything you can about cryptocurrencies and cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets to make protected exchanges between parties. To keep the transaction protected, developers use cryptography so that only the intended parties can have access to the transaction.  

Decentralized and distributed ledgers are databases available to many points at the same time, keeping the information public for everyone and decentralized. This type of transaction keeps the information more secure because it will be difficult for cyber attackers to tamper with it. Hackers will have to attack all computers with a copy of the information at the same time. All the computers with the information are automatically updated when any change occurs. Also, it keeps the information from being controlled by one party only.

Blockchain platforms offer industries the possibility to use the technology for smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, financial services, video games, and supply chains. Three of the most used platforms are:

  • Ethereum: An open-source blockchain platform and operating system. The platform offers a virtual machine, smart contracts, enterprise software, and permissioned ledgers. Ethereum is a multi-language platform that uses C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and more.
  • Hyperledger: This platform was started by the Linux Foundation and is an open-source community to develop a suite of stable frameworks, tools, and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. The most used frameworks are Hyperledger fabric for the execution of smart contracts and membership services, Hyperledger Iroha for banking, Hyperledger Sawtooth for hot-swapping consensus algorithms in a running network, and Hyperledger Besu that is an enterprise-grade Ethereum codebase.
  • Multichain: This open-source blockchain platform is used to create a permission network. Multichain supports C, C++, JavaScript, and Python programming languages.

At last, learning any programming languages like JavaScript, or Python is a must to start a career in the blockchain industry. This will not only give you an entrance to the industry but can allow you to have a job while learning the blockchain business. For example, learning JavaScript will allow you to work as a web developer, which is a career that makes decent salaries. To learn this skill fast and in a way that doesn’t require an extensive budget, you can opt for self-learning or enroll in a coding bootcamp.

Join a blockchain community

Now, the key to enter any industry is networking. The blockchain community is a close-knitted group. The best way to familiarize yourself with the industry is to make connections with blockchain professionals. Research meetups, conferences, or any other event where you can make yourself known. A good strategy is to offer your service to some companies to help with these events to showcase your interest.

About The Author:

Artur Meyster is the Founder of Career Karma, a company which helps people that want to become software engineers by matching them with the right coding bootcamp and supporting them throughout their careers.


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