Fractional Ownership Of Everything Assetization Tokenization (Part VII)

Asset digitalization (aka tokenization) is creating a whole new user experience and investor opportunities. Digitizing an asset and using a smart contract enables the shares’ owners, for example, to sell shares of private securities on complaint exchanges on-demand with potential high liquidity, avoiding lengthily lockup of their capital like with traditional investments.

Problems with traditional securities and STO solution

Assetization it isn’t doing anything to the financial security itself, but it changes the way ownership is managed and how the activities after the investment are automated. Automation, thanks to Blockchain technology, with advantages such as instant, secure, traceable and cryptographically secure distribution and transfer of highly customizable, digitized exchange units without the need for intermediary parties trusted by both sides of the transaction.

Further, tokens are issued and settled on a Blockchain, which secures instant and effortless settlements without the need for issuing and signing stock certificates. Access to capital via blockchain is provided on a global scale 24/7. 

Steps and benefits of STO

Any company (SME, MNC) can “tokenize” both common and preferred equity. Any individual can "tokenize" personal belongings and goods. Consumers are valuing experiences over possessions, hence a rising number of goods categories such as clothes, furniture, jewelry, houses, collectibles, vehicles are becoming available for rent or resell, or even split into shares that can be traded.

Emerging 'assetization economy' where personal goods being treated as assets, and tokenized for fractional ownership.

"Tokenization has the potential of unlocking enormous amounts of capital that are being kept in illiquid assets from the traditional systems." (micobo)

Not yet excited about Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain in Capital Markets?

traditional security issuance

Quite some reconciliation. This what it could look like using DLT and Blockchain…

tokenized security issuance

Not convinced yet? How about the secondary market post-trade settlement process of a traditional vs tokenized security?

Traditional security trading

Yes, complex, costly, lengthy and complex processes. Some might call that inefficient….

tokenized security trading

Not yet curious? Cross-border transfer, transact, settlement, trade!

traditional cross-border settlement process

Expensive, lengthy and inefficient current processes. 

tokenized cross-border settlement process
"Moonwhale has long been a source of trusted information in the sector..." and "... is a respected brand in the tokenization sector." (

Moonwhale Ventures is a Security Token Offering (STO) Advisory that focuses primarily on SMEs and MNCs, providing alternative growth-financing through the ‘tokenization’ of assets (debt, equity, real estate). Companies will be offered strategic advice and execution on STO process & structure, as well as token issuance incl. lifecycle management and secondary market on-boarding.

Some of our current clients are MoneyFi, an ATM manufacturer building remittance Blockchain solutions; Wavfin a full-service distributor of LTE, wireless broadband, networking, and Wi-Fi equipment; beQ a revolutionary Indoor-Mapping and Social Meetup App; and 2 listed companies in Indonesia. 

With deep experience in the Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain), Moonwhale also provides deal-flows and due diligence on related projects. 

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 we partnered with XCEL ASIA, a FinTech and HardTech accelerator from Taiwan, which is now expanding across Asia. Xcel is building its new fund which will focus on Blockchain, HardTech, RegTech, HealthTech, InsureTech, FinTech, PropTech, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, DTL, Genomics, 5G. The aim is to support businesses and startups from incubation, mentorship, industry partnerships across Asia, all the way to IPO. Moonwhale plays the role of advisory for Blockchain projects and Tokenization/ STO partner for alternative growth-financing.

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 we are working with a software solution for an issuance & investment platform for Security Token Offering, where companies can easily create a compliant token (tokenize equity, debt or real estate) – incl sale platform, data room, investor management, cap-table, token issuance, AML/ KYC – all enterprise-grade, which is currently being implemented with some Stock Exchanges across Asia. 

  • Interesting for institutions, funds, investment banks to offer more liquidity to investors by issuing the token instead of equity notes tight-up capital
  • Interesting for real estate developer to tokenize and sale ongoing and future developments at lower costs 
  • Interesting for accelerators/ crowdfunding by offering incubation in a basket of tokenized projects
  • Interesting for commodity/ stock and other exchange/ trade platforms to enable effortless cross-border trading
  • Interesting for commercial businesses to create their own cryptocurrency for rewards, branding, payments or settlements


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About The Author:

Danny Christ is the CEO & Co-Founder of Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Danny has over 20 years of IT, Operations and Supply Chain experience across Germany (home), US, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. He managed IT projects (ERP, CRM, POS, BI) and regional expansion (franchise, M&A) for various SMEs in the Consumer Industry. His career rose to Vice President of a 3500 employees organization.

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