Moonwhale is an STO Advisory Firm and Blockchain Technology Consulting based in the USA & Singapore

We offer American companies strategic advice on Digital Assets, STO or IEO process & structure, as well as token issuance incl. lifecycle management and secondary market on-boarding for their projects.

Our Mission

Moonwhale comprises of expert STO advisors devoted to giving the most efficient STO solutions to existing companies- capable of rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality of service in our capacity, and to create a complete and safe End-to-End Security Token Offering (STO) Investment Platform to drive global adoption.


Our Vision

Moonwhale aims to create an inclusive, fair and open socio-economic environment upon which everyone can build a secure life and participate in value creation, by connecting supply (Blockchain projects, businesses in need of growth-financing) and demand (Institutional Investors, and retail investors).

Building an End-to-End Security Token Offering (STO) Investment Platform

We cater to investors looking to invest in STO projects, and to companies looking to raise capital through STO to finance business expansion or new ventures. Investors will be presented with vetted projects incl. due- diligence reports and will be able to manage their investments through our platform.