Stay Safe and Healthy with beQ!

Many of us have been relegated to our homes during this time of uncertainty brought on by the spread of COVID-19. Scientists and health care professionals across the world are working tirelessly to bring their citizens the help they so desperately need to deal with this crisis. If you are among the lucky that are at home, stock up on essential supplies, and healthy you are probably in good standing. But, even though your basic needs may be met, it does not mean that you can neglect the other important aspects of your life. At times like these, it is not uncommon to be experiencing the stresses that come along with such a global event and the low-grade anxiety that so often accompanies it.

beQ is one way that you can alleviate this anxiety. Based on your mobile phone, it is a platform that will allow you to facilitate interaction, without the risk. It has a variety of features useful to those who are health-conscious and actively looking to practice the measures of social-distancing that are so prominent in our current times. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has shocked the world and has had an impact on the global economy, but with beQ’s in-app matching and communication features, it does not have to impact us socially.

You need not attend potentially risky large gatherings or events but can instead meet up and talk to others like yourself via the platform. Furthermore, if you have been affected adversely in your work-life and are looking for work, beQ could be the way you meet your future employer and get back on track. You do not need to sacrifice your well-being to social distancing, but simply adapt to the changing time. beQ is the easiest way for you to do this. Sign up today!

What is beQ

beQ is a Berlin-based company providing the perfect, simple solution for our modern world. Their unique indoor mapping technology places the power of geolocation at your fingertips. Meet people around you, attend the hottest events, network, or even just find someone to share a coffee with while discussing a shared interest. beQ is creating a new culture of encounters, helping people to reconnect with one another in genuine, authentic ways. You do not want to be the one left out.

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Disclaimer: On September 20, 2019, Berlin-based company beQ joins as Moonwhale Venture’s newest corporate client. With social networking services increasingly becoming the target of scrutiny for it’s supposed negative impacts on mental health, beQ seeks to change the conversation and introduce a new paradigm focused on increasing the visibility of the real people in our lives, real meetups outside the virtual world, and quieting the noise caused by the current social media ecosystem.

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